Marshall County Hospital

503 George McClain Drive
Benton, KY  42025
phone: (270) 527-4800
fax: (270) 527-4853

Welcome to the Marshall County Hospital web page. I hope that the information provided here will answer many of your questions.

Our staff of 25 physicians offer professional medical care. In selecting one of these healthcare providers, you can be assured of quality care, and should you require hospitalization, feel confident that the resources and services of our progressive healthcare organization are available to you.

Approximately 240 employees staff the Marshall County Hospital, Long Term Care Facility and Ambulance Service.

Our acute care facility and LTC facility are both accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). This means that we voluntarily submit to evaluations of our compliance with nationwide hospital standards on a continuing basis. Joint Commission accreditation is your assurance that Marshall County Hospital practices continuous quality monitoring to provide you with quality healthcare.

Marshall County Hospital is prepared to meet all of your healthcare needs.


Kathy C. Long

Chief Executive Officer

The mission of Marshall County Hospital is to provide primary and certain specialty services with high quality care, concern, dedication and value in a cost-effective manner. Since 1964, we have been dedicated to the improvement of facility, services and programs that meet the needs of our community while maintaining a standard of excellence in a friendly atmosphere.

• Acute Care -- 46 beds including 10 swing beds and a well-equipped 5-bed intensive care unit.

• Emergency -- Full service Emergency Room with physician on staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Ambulance -- Paramedics & Emergency Medical Technicians staff the Ambulance Service. Offices are located in Benton & Calvert City. Call 270-527-1243, or 911 in case of emergency.

• Long Term Care -- Our facility is home to 34 residents. Our well- trained staff works closely with the residents' physicians to offer the best care possible while also providing a comfortable living environment.

• Home Health -- The services of Marshall County Hospital don't necessarily end when a patient is discharged. Marshall County Hospital Home Health Agency allows you to receive quality healthcare in the comfort of your own home. Telephone 270-527-8084 to reach a home health professional.

One Stop Shopping, first and third Tuesday of each month, examinations performed by a nurse practitioner, followed by a mammogram. Appointments may be scheduled by calling the Health Department at 270-527-1496.

Physician Services

At our Physician Services Clinic, physicians are available throughout the week and offer a variety of specialties including E.N.T., OB/GYN, Urology, Vascular Surgery, Oncology, Orthopaedics and Gastroenterology. Other physicians on staff include General Practitioners, Surgeons, Radiologists, Optometrists and Podiatrists.

Call 270-527-4950 for additional information.

The following doctors visit our Physicians Services Clinic. Please call (270) 527-4950 for additional information.

Monday: Jackson, Stephen, MD, Orthopaedics

Tuesday: Resser, J. Randall, MD, Ear, Nose & Throat

Ross, Charles, MD, Vascular Surgeon

Wednesday: Ransler, Charles, MD, Urology

Wynstra, Jonathan, MD, OB/GYN

Thursday: Gould, James, MD, Oncology

Jones, Shawn, MD, Ear Nose & Throat

Friday: Cuadrado, Ruben, MD, Gastroenterology

Anunciato, Kelly, MD, OB/GYN

Mueller, Susan, MD, OB/GYN

Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services is housed in the ancillary wing and includes Respiratory Therapy, Pulmonary Rehab, Cardiac Rehab, Laboratory Services and Outpatient Surgery. Our Radiology Department handles physician ordered services such as x-ray, ultrasounds, CT scans, mammography, vascular studies, echo cardiograms, and nuclear medicine.

Rehabilitation Services

Marshall County Hospital offers rehabilitation services including Physical Therapy and Speech/Language Pathology. Cardiac Rehabilitation is available for strengthening following heart surgery and Pulmonary Rehab helps to meet the needs of patients diagnosed with respiratory disease.

Call 270-527-4848 for information.

Marshall County Hospital Medical Staff

Waller, Charles MD, Family Practice, Calvert City, 270-395-5388

Beale, Robert MD, General Surgery, Benton, 270-527-2411

King, Kenneth MD, Internal Medicine, Benton, 270-527-8626

Mathis, Eddie MD, Family Practice, Benton, 270-527-8999

Chunn, Andy MD, Family Practice, Draffenville, 270-527-8601

Albertson, Bradley OD, Pediatrics/Internal Medicine, Benton, 270-527-0044

Tucker, Charles MD, General Surgery, Murray, 270-527-2600

Tveite, John MD, Family Practice, 270-527-2273

Van, Loon Glen MD, Internal Medicine, Benton, 270-527-2560

Smith, Graham MD, Emergency Medicine, Benton, 270-527-4900

Hines, Casey MD, Radiology, Murray, 270-759-1805

Prue, Kelly MD Radiology, Murray, 270-759-1805

Wilson, William MD, Radiology, Murray, 270-759-1805

Ellis, Joe OD, Optometry, Benton, 270-527-7421

Van Horn, Laurel OD, Benton, 270-527-7421

Naulty, Stuart DPM Podiatry, Murray, 270-527-7014

Sells, Jerry DO, Dentistry, Benton, 270-527-1479

MCH Board of Trustees:

Reed Conder, Donna Perry, Pete Gunn, Von Puckett, Gary Shemwell

Love Light Tree

The Love Light Tree has been a Marshall County Hospital tradition for the last 18 years. The project is sponsored by the hospital Auxiliary. Members work hard throughout the year to raise funds for unbudgeted hospital expenses. The Love Light Tree is their largest fundraiser.

The tree lighting is a community event. The children's community choir from Benton First Baptist Church sings Christmas songs and some selections from their holiday musical program. The brass ensemble from Marshall County High School performs Christmas songs for the crowd. Refreshments are served following the program.

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